Female inclusion in field-based maker space

This post hopes to stimulate ideas and discussion, so we invite your feedback on successful initiatives promoting female inclusion in maker spaces in field locations. We’ll implement the best of your tested strategies in the Terre des hommes Ioannina refugee camp micro fab lab. Why female inclusion? Fab Labs and makerspaces are meant to be […]

Patient Tag 3/3: Scripting

This is the second part of the Patient ID tag challenge. Be sure to read Patient Tag 1/3: Intro and Patient Tag 2/3: Material before you start. This challenge is to develop a script that generates an output file containing layout and engraving/cutting instructions for any kind of laser cutter. A patient tag is composed of the following: […]

Patient Tag 2/3: Material

This is the first of two challenges related to the Patient ID Tag project. Be sure to read Patient ID 1/3: Introduction before you begin. The goal is to use a field deployed laser machine to engrave and cut the patient tags. So we need your help to identify a material that is: Almost indestructible: The identifier […]

Patient Tag 1/3: Introduction

It’s our pleasure to invite you to the first Global Humanitarian Lab maker challenge: Patient ID Tags. It’s a two-in-one task: identify the best material to laser cut and engrave the tags, and write a script to generate and layout the tags on a surface for cutting. You are welcome to participate in either topic […]