Patient Tag 3/3: Scripting

This is the second part of the Patient ID tag challenge.

Be sure to read Patient Tag 1/3: Intro and Patient Tag 2/3: Material before you start.

This challenge is to develop a script that generates an output file containing layout and engraving/cutting instructions for any kind of laser cutter.

A patient tag is composed of the following:

  • Three (3) letters for the node or location : eg. for Geneva we use GVA
  • An  alphanumeric serial code, composed of three letters followed by three digits, which allow to address a huge number of patients. Note: the font used must be fixed width to ensure that all combinations fit into the same space.
  • A QR code composed of the above parameters:  eg. GVA-AAA000
  • Four (4) holes to allow it to be worn as either a bracelet or necklace

As the size of a patient tag is fixed the idea is to generate a file or multiple files depending on the size of table and the number of tags necessary.

Input parameters

  • Size of the material (< Laser cutter table) in Millimeters.
  • Starting number  (eg. GVA-AAA001)
  • Number of tags requested

For simplicity we have assumed a fixed size for the tag at 30 * 34 mm, but feel free to include it as a parameter. Exact dimensions for the tag are contained in the sample file below.

Output file

A file in .svg or .ai format suitable for sending to a laser cutter.


An example of a file that would be produced by such a script, can be downloaded here in .ai format and in .svg format.

Please use the comments feature on this post to ask questions and exchange thoughts with your fellow makers.

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